Personal Responsibility


What’s ethical about personal responsibility?

Presenter: Dr. Nakia Pope, LEAP Texas Faculty Fellow

Is the Core Objective “personal responsibility” simply ethical reasoning? It would seem so. The definition speaks of “ethical decision-making.” The Ethical Reasoning VALUE Rubric is a common tool with which to assess this Core Objective. But does equating personal responsibility with a particular type of reasoning really capture the what and the why of this Core Objective? Join a discussion about this difficult but vital Core Objective, what it means, and how it might be taught and assessed. Warning: this session is led by a philosopher, but he promises to keep mentions of Aristotle and Kant to a minimum.


In Texas, the Personal Responsibility (PR) objective is defined as including:

to include the ability to connect choices, actions and consequences to ethical decision-making

The assessment of Personal Responsibility is required in four foundational component areas:

  • Communications
  • Language, Philosophy and Culture
  • American History
  • Government/Political Science

Examples From Across Texas

Dr Dustin Tune from San Antonio College talks about some of the affordances and challenges of integrating personal responsibility into philosophy classes.

Dr Courtney Welch from the University of North Texas talks about their experience of integrating personal responsibility into their history classes.

Dr Thomas Miles from the University of North Texas reports on the incorporation of personal responsibility into the Honors College.

VALUE Rubrics

AACU’s VALUE Rubrics provide a good starting point for beginning to think about the design and assessment of Personal Responsibility. ACCU have organised a number of rubrics underneath the general heading of Social and Personal Responsibility (see the list below) and institutions across Texas are using one or more of these rubrics to support their work with this core objective.

Find out more about VALUE Rubrics.

Archived Events

Personal Responsibility Week | February 19-23, 2017