Texas Assessment Collaborative Webinar Archive! Rolling up Our Sleeves: Call for Participation

On Tuesday, March 22, LEAP Texas Assessment Fellows presented an introductory webinar for the Texas Assessment Collaborative inter-institutional assessment project.  The archive of the webinar video and presentation materials is now available.

The webinar provides an overview of the Texas Assessment Collaborative Project that seeks to engage multiple institutions and faculty from across the state in the assessment of student work against LEAP VALUE rubrics.  Institutions or individuals potentially interested in participating in the inter-institutional assessment project should attend; in addition to discussing the short and long term vision for the project, we will discuss responsibilities of and activities for participating institutions along with the benefits to those institutions and their faculty.

The webinar may be viewed here or directly via the LEAP Texas YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/TnEhom-EIUk.

The presentation materials are available here: LEAP Texas Assessment Collaborative: Rolling up our sleeves! Call for Participation



  • Assessment begins with the institution’s top leadership. If an institution’s leadership believes in making instruction the major focus of the institution and is willing to provide true evidence of student learning outcomes, a significant focus must be on quality assessment. Grade distributions will never work.

    • Faye, just now seeing your comment. I am not sure how your comment related to grade distributions relates to the TAC. We are not using grade distributions in the TAC. BTW, I agree with your comment.