About Us

LEAP Texas…focused on teaching, learning, and assessment!

LEAP Texas is a collaborative of higher education institutions with the capacity to reach more than 600,000 students. It is unique in that LEAP Texas is not driven by a particular institution, System of institutions, or a state office. It is a collection of institutions with common issues and shared purpose.

Mission and Vision


The mission of LEAP Texas is to provide a structure through which Texas public and private institutions  of higher education can communicate, organize, and develop plans and policy recommendations that address their common interests of student success and the improvement of higher education in Texas. 


To provide Texas students with consistent high quality higher education through implementation of outcomes-focused general education, authentic assessment, high impact educational practices, inclusive excellence, improved access to higher education, and similar initiatives.

LEAP Texas By-Laws

Committed to…

  •  Upholding the commitment of faculty across our various institutions— to provide a strong educational foundation for an increasingly diverse student body—one that prepares them for work and citizenship in the twenty-first century, well aligned with stated goals of employers,
  • Adhering to the required Texas Core Curriculum for Higher Education, facilitating rigor and transferability, within a context of innovation,
  • Responding to the increasing national focus on student learning outcomes; and
  • Applying the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Our focus…

The LEAP Texas initiative is focused on three key areas of activity:

  1. Leveraging the newly redesigned Texas Core Curriculum for Higher Education (largely informed by the LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes) for the overall improvement in undergraduate education.
  2. Creating a capacity for large-scale, inter-institutional collaboration in robust and authentic assessment.
  3. Embedding high-impact practices in the undergraduate curriculum.